Homefair.com Launches New Ad Program

Arizona-based Homefair.com launched
a new national advertising sales program and hired MapQuest’s ad manager, Bill Sedgwick, as
vice president of advertising and sponsorship to lead the effort.

In conjunction with the new advertising program, the company said it has
signed agreements with a number of national and regional advertisers,
including US West, Bank One, Ameritech, Ryder Moving Services, Bell
Atlantic, First USA Visa, and others.

On the site’s most popular content areas, Homefair.com has designed “Animated
Speed Banners” which appear first on the top of the page. These banners
deliver advertiser branded icons to users and flash offers aimed at those
relocating their homes.

By clicking on a sponsor’s banner, the user will jump to a full page
advertisement that features a special offer or detailed marketing message for
the advertiser. Consumers also have the option to connect to the advertiser’s
site, print out the “offer” or request contact with the advertiser via
e-mail, direct mail or telephone. Rate card data was not disclosed.

With the ability to target ad messages by state, Homefair.com said it is an
excellent solution for banking, telecom, ISP, cable, real estate and other
regional advertisers.

Prior to working at MapQuest, Sedgwick held advertising
management positions with Travelfile, an online travel information provider;
International Golf Marketing, a golf magazine based in Honolulu;
and Guide Magazines, a travel publication based in Oahu.

Tools on the Homefair site include a “Salary Calculator,” which allows users
to instantly obtain salary comparisons from one location to another by
adjusting for cost-of-living differences, a “Moving Calculator,” which
provides users with high and low estimate of moving costs, and a “Relocation
Wizard,” which acts as a “to do” list and timeline tool.

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