Honkworm, Rocket Pictures Bring TV-Based Commercials to the Web

Brodcast editorial company Rocket Pictures and online animation firm Honkworm are teaming up to offer
“webisodes,” Internet-based commercials that incorporate characters from
existing TV advertising campaigns.

The characters from existing advertising campaigns are animated and placed in
customer-interactive, fully scripted and produced shorts that can be posted on
corporate Web sites, the companies said.

Honkworm and Rocket Pictures said they see this joint venture as a concrete
example of what the convergence of television and Web media can offer
commercial storytelling.

Both companies have extensive experience in their respective industries, with
customers that include MTV Networks, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Microsoft and
RealNetworks Inc.

“This partnership allows us to take (for example) an existing Nike or Taco
Bell TV
campaign and turn it into entertainment for the Web that everyone with a
regular modem can experience,” said Honkworm CEO Johan Liedgren. “Little new
production is required, the corporate Web site doesn’t need to be changed, and
all this at a fraction of what a traditional media campaign would cost.”

The companies use online streaming that allows for animations and film-clips
to be played with motion, characters, sound and customer interaction.

“TV advertising is still essential to introduce a company or product,” said
Rocket Pictures CEO Dan Pepper. “What we’re doing is deepening the
relationship with a brand by creating Web content that builds upon what
advertising agencies are already doing for their clients.”

“My wife cries when long lost lovers re-unite in the AT&T commercials and I
have not seen any corporate Web sites that could do that to her,” said
Liedgren. “I am convinced that the ability to entertain is what will
differentiate (say) the Coke site from the Pepsi site.”

Rocket Pictures provides creative editorial and broadcast media services to
advertising agencies, production companies, networks, motion picture studios,
corporations and independent producers and directors. Honkworm International
is an online advertising and entertainment consulting company. Both are based
in Seattle.

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