Hotmail Ad Leads in BannerTrack Ratings

NetRatings released its BannerTrack service
top 10 Web ads for the week of July 19-26.

The top ads were:

  1. Hotmail: Bookmark Hotmail to save typing
  2. Type in what you’re looking for
  3. Catalog Link: Click here to request free catalogs
  4. Hotmail: Click banners; easy return to Hotmail
  5. Hotmail: Make Hotmail your home page
  6. Catalog Link: Attention catalog addicts
  7. Hotmail: Send Web pages in your e-mail
  8. Catalog Link: Get all the free catalogs you can put your feet on
  9. Hotmail: Use nicknames for addressing e-mail
  10. Bonzi Software: Play Talking E-mail

Rankings are based on measurement of Web activity by a representative panel of
more than 2,500 Internet users 18 years and older who access the Web from

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