I/PRO Will Do Audits for InfoBeat Clients

Targeted e-mail services provider InfoBeat Inc. and I/PRO, the Web measurement and auditing services firm, signed an agreement to offer the Nielsen I/PRO “Email I/AUDIT” service to InfoBeat’s business clients.

The service provides verification of circulation figures for publishers who
offer marketers the ability to target and reach their subscribers via e-mail

InfoBeat Express, InfoBeat’s e-mail outsourcing division, gained nearly 20
clients since its launch in April, the company said. It was chosen as a
special reseller of Email I/AUDIT services and as such, can offer these
services at a discount to its clients. Financial details were not disclosed.

InfoBeat Express offers its publishing customers, including clients MSNBC,
CMPnet, Rolling Stone, Wired Digital, Industry Standard, Robert Seidman, and
others, a start-to-finish solution for online communications.

“Integrating the power of Nielsen I/PRO E-mail I/Audit with InfoBeat Express’
offerings was a natural fit,” said Bradley Rode, I/PRO president and CEO.
“I/PRO is thrilled about this partnership because two industry leaders have
come together to better service the e-mail publishing industry, offering them
auditing and tracking of their e-mail lists to enhance their ad program.”

“InfoBeat Express offers publishers a one-stop-shopping experience for all of
their e-mail list management needs,” said John Funk, founder and chairman of
Denver-based InfoBeat. “We now truly provide the complete outsourcing package–we manage publishers’ e-mail lists, deliver their mail, offer them auditing
services, and provide them with the ultimate, complete start-to-finish e-mail
delivery solution.”

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