IMSI’s NetAccelerator Product Includes Ad Blocker

International Microcomputer Software Inc.
(IMSI), a developer and publisher of business productivity
software, released an upgrade to its NetAccelerator product, including an
Internet ad blocker.

Called Version 2 Deluxe, the product contains a suite of apps to speed Web
page delivery. NetAccelerator Version 2 Deluxe pre-fetches links while a user
browses. The program anticipates a user’s next move on the Internet, working
in the background to download text and graphic content of desired pages,
before the user gets there.

Monique Stern, product manager for IMSI’s NetAccelerator, said the software
suite works in three distinct ways:

  • AdsOff is an Internet advertising blocker that is integrated with a
    program called OnTrack. The two programs work together to create a barrier
    against the download of ad text, graphics, pop-up windows, and banner ads on
    the Internet.

  • Web Sleuth from Prompt Software helps users gather, organize, analyze, and
    present the results of online searches effectively and efficiently. The
    program uses five search engines, including Yahoo! and Alta Vista, to generate
    cross-indexed results and summary abstracts of all pages found.

  • Jackhammer works to penetrate busy Web sites or FTP servers, operating in
    the background while users move on to browse other sites. Once a connection is
    made, Jackhammer opens a separate browser and displays the Web page or
    automatically downloads the requested file.

Key features of the upgrade include: look-ahead caching, utilizing the built-in caching support from Internet
Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Netscape Communicator; Automatic browser
recognition; Automatic prioritization of “favorite” Web sites based on number
f visits and amount of time spent at sites; Automatic updates of most-commonly
visited web sites; Support for Netscape Navigator, Communicator and Internet
Explorer on the same machine.

The upgraded product is expected to be available in February for an estimated
street price of

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