IntelliQuest, 24/7 Media Pair to Deliver Tech Household Database

The Marketing Information Solutions division of IntelliQuest Information Group
Inc. is teaming up with 24/7 Media Inc. to bring database marketing to the

Under the terms of the agreement, IntelliQuest will license its High-tech
Household file to 24/7 Media for two years to build the
foundation of 24/7 Profilz, an online co-op database. Financial arrangements
were not disclosed.

24/7 Profilz will leverage IntelliQuest’s national database of high-tech
households, 24/7’s Adfinity ad serving system and 24/7’s three Web ad

The idea is to provide online advertisers the ability to execute highly
targeted, database marketing campaigns based on consumers’ lifestyles and
interests, and track the effectiveness of the campaigns. Likewise,
IntelliQuest’s clients now have the ability to deliver personalized, one-to-
one marketing messages to their customers via the Web, the firm said.

IntelliQuest in Austin, TX, is a provider of information and marketing
for companies targeting households of known technology purchasers. It marries
technology-related product purchasers and usage history of specific households
with comprehensive demographic and lifestyle information. Its databases house
more than 200 demographic and lifestyle variables on over 100 million U.S.

To deliver the Profilz service, 24/7 Media announced the formation of the 24/7
Data Group, to be led by vice president Michael Rowsom and based in the
company’s New York headquarters.

The 24/7 Profilz database will be employed with 24/7’s Adfinity ad-serving
system, which was designed to deliver ads based on demographic profiles.
IntelliQuest provides the means to profile Web user registration data. As Web
sites within 24/7’s three networks join the co-op database, their registration
data will be matched against IntelliQuest’s database to create a full
demographic profile on each user.

Once a profile is captured, individual information is no longer used, 24/7

Participating Web sites will be required to post and adhere to privacy
statements that comply with the guidelines advocated by the Direct Marketing
Association, the company added.

The demographic targeting, 24/7 said, will be able to deliver sports car ads
to young singles and minivan ads to older marrieds with children. Had both
people recently purchased a car, they would see ads for a product or service
other than cars.

“Our agreement with 24/7 ushers in a whole new era of Internet advertising,”
said Charles Stryker, president of the Atlanta-based Marketing Information
Solutions division of IntelliQuest. “With this partnership, the Web’s
promise of truly accountable, database
marketing becomes a reality to the benefit of both advertisers and consumers.”

“We are the only database marketing
company focused exclusively on high technology, and this unique focus gives
our partners an edge in marketing smarter, especially in new media. This is
the future of online marketing. It provides our clients with the unprecedented
ability to execute customized marketing programs for specific customers over
the Web.”

“24/7 is committed to fulfilling the promise of Internet database marketing,
and our agreement with IntelliQuest is an important milestone in that effort,”
said David J. Moore, CEO of 24/7 Media in New York “Together, we have
established a powerful partnership that puts us both in an ideal position to
serve the growing needs of advertisers and publishers.”

IntelliQuest said it will work with 24/7 Media to design, develop and populate
the Profilz database before scheduling an initial pilot program to test the
system early next year. Once the pilot program is completed, 24/7 will make
demographically targeted campaigns available to all advertisers.

24/7 Media said it reaches more than one out of three online users, operating
The 24/7 Network of more than 85 high-profile Web sites, the CLIQNOW! network comprising more than 75
medium to large Web sites, and ContentZone, a network of over 2,000
small to medium sites.

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