Selects Maita/Saviano, which is
developing a service that lets people use voice commands to verbally surf the
Web from any phone, retained Maita/Saviano Public Relations to
handle its communications account. is a privately held company that plans to offer a service
called “netECHO,” which uses speech recognition and text-to-speech
technologies to let people access the Internet without a computer.

Users will be able to give voice commands to surf the Web, hear their e-mail,
send replies, search for and hear Web site information, even conduct
e-commerce, from any phone, the company said. The netECHO service will be
introduced nationwide in early 2000.

Emdad Khan, president and CEO of, said the company
selected Maita/Saviano because it has a reputation for responsiveness, and a
track record of success with high-tech businesses. It also has an in-depth
knowledge of telecommunications.

“We hear a lot about new ‘information appliances’ which promise consumers
simple, easy access to the Internet, without a computer,” said Lou Saviano, a
partner with Maita/Saviano.

“We’re excited about because
it will offer an easy-to-use audio Internet access service through a device
everyone already uses everyday, the phone.”

Maita/Saviano LLC is a full-service strategic public relations firm that
offers communications planning, media relations, marketing communications,
employee communications, speechwriting, and, through its affiliates,
advertising, corporate identity and Web design and management.

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