InterVU Launches Rich Media Site Integration Program

InterVU Inc. launched a Rich Media Site Integration Program, created to boost the rich media integration process for Web publishers and ad networks.

Upon completion of the testing phase, InterVU said it expects to provide program
participants with smooth and transparent delivery of rich media ad campaigns
and new content incorporating rich media elements.

InterVU designed a turnkey solution to facilitate rich media advertising
online and established a site integration team to help Web publishers and ad
networks become technically prepared to accept and integrate various rich
media formats including audio,
video, Java, Shockwave, Flash (SWF) and VRML, and then implement the delivery
of rich media to end users via the InterVU Network.

Live World, Macromedia, Mercury Seven, Microsoft’s MSN Properties,
and SportsLine USA are the first Web publishers to test the Rich Media Site Integration Program.

Because of the technical challenge, many Web sites have been tentative about
accepting online advertisements that use rich media, the company said, adding that its Rich
Media Site Integration program was created to assist Web publishers and ad
networks navigate any technical challenges, enabling them to incorporate rich
media and conserve bandwidth by
providing the delivery vehicle, the InterVU Network.

The Rich Media Site Integration Program is designed to provide the Web publisher or ad
network with technical support, universal script integration, and scalability
for the delivery of multiple formats.

“InterVU created the Rich Media Site Integration Program to assist the Web
publishers and ad networks in their efforts to integrate rich media to both
attract advertising dollars and provide site visitors with a richer, more
interactive Internet experience, while making sure page delivery, download
speed and end-user enjoyment weren’t compromised,” said Ed Huguez, COO at
InterVU. “Together with our other rich media programs, such as the Rich Media
Day seminars and new Rich Media Handbook, our eyeQ Multimedia Manager, and, of
course, the InterVU Network, we’re building a long-term, integrated rich media
Internet strategy that will help bring all the various components together in
an standardized environment.”

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