InterVU Rolls Out Audience Management System for Audio, Video

InterVU Inc. delivered a new
management service for Web publishers, advertisers and agencies that enables
automated audio and video content publishing and content and audience

The new service, known as Audience, includes tools for audio and video content
publishing, event scheduling, ticketing, branding and audience targeting that
are designed to help develop and grow specific viewer communities and provide
content that is one click away.

Audience, developed with support from Intel, provides Web publishers,
advertisers and agencies and businesses with a solution that simplifies the
posting of multimedia content on the Internet and combines the publishing
tools with audience management tools. Audience allows the content publishers
to brand an interface, program and schedule content, control access, measure
response and access, and target future content, InterVU said.

Audience features a patent-pending “Virtual Ticketing” system for online
events scheduling and promotional functions; automated e-mail targeting for
communities; easy publication of Web video and audio content reporting on
viewer interaction; and collaboration tools for intra- and inter-office
multimedia sharing.

Initial clients include AIME’s and DVD EXPRESS.

“We have all types of comedy for those who visit the ComedyNet site and it’s
virtually impossible to track who they are and what their specific content
tastes are or to address those interests accordingly in a highly personalized
manner,” said Mark Graff, CEO of AIME. “But with Audience, we will be able
to build a branded desktop and
content that is tailored to the different interests of different audience

“In addition, Audience allows us to
schedule, promote and monitor attendance of online events, and gives us a way
to more accurately forecast anticipated viewership and therefore allocate
bandwidth requirements more effectively and efficiently.”

“We see the future of the Internet gravitating towards the growth of targeted
Internet communities, or in other words, a personalized and interactive system
where Web publishers and end users have an intimate and loyal
relationship,” said Ed Huguez, COO of InterVU. “Audience allows a user to
directly access audio and video content that has
immediate personal relevance.”

“We established the sophisticated InterVU Network to support the delivery of
bandwidth-intensive video and audio for Web sites, advertisers and
corporations. Now with Audience, we’re hoping to provide these same target
markets with a solution that simplifies the multimedia content publishing
process, and also gives them the means to easily and reliably target, capture
and maintain viewing communities.”

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