Intraco Voice Enables the Internetcoast

Intraco Systems Inc. is contributing its technical expertise to the marketing efforts of the InternetCoast.

Intraco has voice-enabled key content from the InternetCoast Web site including the stock quotes page and the “About Us” section, which details the vision and mission of the InternetCoast organization. This site content is now accessible to anyone with a telephone.

A collection of Internet companies and organizations operating in Southeast Florida, the InternetCoast is now reaching “critical mass” in the same way that other U.S. technology clusters like Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley and the Digital Prairie have grown in the past. The goal of the InternetCoast organization is to unite Southeast Florida’s Internet companies and organizations to be recognized as a worldwide hub for information technology.

“The InternetCoast initiative is a significant milestone in the development of South Florida’s business profile and we are pleased to voice enable the premier destination site for the technology sector in our region,” commented John Wind, vice president and chief marketing officer, Intraco Systems. “As the InternetCoast project matures, we will continue to offer our products and services for the benefit of South Florida’s IT community.”

Intraco is a full-service IT and telephony outsource application service provider with a ten-year history in the global technology marketplace,with partners that include AT&T, Motorola, Nortel, Compaq, Microsoft and Cisco.

“In building the Web site, we felt it was critical to portray the range of technology services available in South Florida,” noted Mark Wyllie, vice president and general manager of Champion Solutions Group, also serving as chairman of the InternetCoast Marketing Committee.

“In the case of Intraco, the speech recognition solution they are providing to the project is an excellent example of the cutting-edge technologies currently offered on the InternetCoast.”

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