IPVoice.com Plans TV Advertising Campaign

IPVoice.com Inc. plans to launch a TV
campaign April 27 to tout its “Voice over the Internet” service to consumers
and businesses in both the United States and Canada.

“The television campaign (on Bloomberg TV) is the first phase of our
multi-phase advertising campaign,” said Barbara Will, president. “We know
that television is the most powerful medium today to build marketshare, and
we intend to capitalize on it.” Spending and agency details were not

In the upcoming weeks, IPVoice.com said it plans to announce details on its
new, proprietary Internet call service as well as marketing partnerships to
help gain marketshare in the long distance market. The company will compete directly with traditional long distance services.

With IPVoice.com’s new service, consumers will only need a regular telephone
to make an Internet phone call, the company said. IPVoice.com’s premier
product is an Internet Gateway named “TrueConnect”, a gateway that allows
users to conduct real-time, full duplex, high quality, two-way voice and data
communication over the Internet.

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