July Internet Ad Spending Exceeds 1.5 Billion

Advertisers spent more than $1.529 billion on Web ads during July, according
to a Wednesday report by AdZone
, an ad research firm that says it tracks advertising on
over 1,000 Web sites.

AdZone says the $1.529 billion dollars spent in July is a 21 percent
increase over advertising expenditures in June.

“We’ve seen increases in ad expenditures on the web in every month
this year, and from January to July, the numbers are up an incredible 87
percent,” said John Cardona, president of AdZone Interactive.

“Clearly the
talk of a slowdown in dot.com advertising isn’t a reality.”

AdZone Interactive says it tracks Internet advertising revenue from banners,
text ads, keyword, links, buttons, pop-ups, interstitials, and hover texts.

AdZone, which claims its data includes ad spending for online services’ Web
sites, Web publications and search engines that account for half the
advertising dollars on the Internet, released the following statistics for
monthly total advertising expenditures over the past seven months: January,
$818,543,000; February $859,083,000; March, $1,012,934,000; April,
$1,088,752,000; May, $1,212,882,000; June, $1,263,815,400; July,

AdZone also released a list of the top 10 Internet advertising spenders in
July. The list was topped by Fidelity.com
, which, AdZone says, spent $36,473,600 and Verioprimehost.com, which spent
$25,447,800 online.

The top 10 advertisers combined, AdZone reported, accounted for
$213,682,400 in spending in July.

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