Juno Adds Advertising Patents

Internet provider and free e-mail pioneer Juno Online Services L.P. said Monday it has been awarded two
new Internet patents for interactive ad scheduling and

On Dec. 8, Juno was issued a patent covering the mechanism
that dynamically schedules the display of interactive advertisements
according to a viewer’s demographics. The patent also covered
Juno’s ability to prioritize ads and give advertisers the right to time
their campaigns.

Juno said it was also granted Patent No. 5,838,790 on Nov. 17,
which covers the system used to report advertisement-related
statistics to advertisers and related concerns. Included in the
patent is a method that maintains system integrity by authenticating
that ads and statistics have not been tampered with, modified or

In September, Juno gained its first patent for the protection of
offline processing aspects of its Internet business model. The U.S.
Patent and Trademark Office granted Juno a U.S. monopoly on
these inventions until 2016.

“Juno’s advertising system represents a powerful tool for
advertisers. The system gives Juno control over the order and
timing of ad display and assures that the advertisements actually
reach the end-user,” said Charles Ardai, Juno’s president.

“These technologies allow Juno to offer its advertisers more
control over their ad campaigns than other interactive media
provide, and we are pleased to have received the recognition and
additional protection for our inventions that these new patents
represent,” Ardai said.

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