K2 Design to Create New Web Site for Bayer

K2 Design Inc. in New York City said it has
been selected by Bayer Aspirin to create its new interactive Web site.

Bayer Aspirin is marketed by Bayer Consumer Care, a division of Bayer Corp.
New York-based K2 Design will assume responsibility for Bayer Aspirin’s
interactive strategic planning process, as well as its online communications
and technical strategies. Billings were not disclosed.

K2 will design and maintain a site targeted to consumers for pain relief as
well as a preventative medication for both recurrent heart attack and stroke.

“K2 has done extensive work in setting up and overseeing our interactive and
Internet services. We will re-emphasize that Bayer Aspirin continues to be one
of the most reliable pain relievers on the market. One of the ways this will
be achieved is through using K2’s creative department to develop a solid
presence on the Internet for our brand,” said Mike Smith, assistant brand
manager of Bayer Aspirin.

The Web site is located at www.bayeraspirin.com or www.wonderdrug.com.

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