kforce.com Launches Campaign, Buys Super Bowl Ads

Romac International’s online career management and recruiting site kforce.com launched a multimillion dollar
advertising initiative that includes the purchase of four spots during Super
Bowl XXXIV Jan. 30.

The campaign will debut during the Oct. 14 episode of “Friends” on NBC and
will include spots on network television, national syndicated radio programs,
online advertising and direct mail.

Commercials also will appear on a number of television programs, including
ER, Today and Dateline on NBC; Monday Night Football on ABC; Crossfire and
Larry King Live on CNN; and Imus in the Morning on MSNBC.

The kforce.com ads feature a job candidate facing stiff competition and
illustrate the point that kforce.com experts can take a job candidate from
“one of the crowd to the one they’ve been looking for.” The ads close with
kforce.com’s tagline — “Opportunity has a new address.”

Spending specifics and agency details were not disclosed.

“We have made a significant investment with the intention of introducing
kforce.com as the new standard in online career management,” said Joe
Liberatore, president of kforce.com.

In total, kforce.com estimates that the new ad campaign will draw more than
600 million impressions.

Launched by Romac last June, kforce.com offers Internet-based staffing
services, ranging from online resume and job posting to interactive
interviews and job placements and career management strategies.

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