Lightningcast Debuts Streaming Media Ad Network

Lightningcast Wednesday
launched a streaming media advertising network serving both Webcasters and

To date, the company has inked deals with webcasters,,

As part of the agreements, Lightningcast will inserts ads into
streaming media.

“Our technology enables advertisers to
reach more than 25 million avid users of streaming media,
or ‘streamies,'” according to Tom Des Jardins, chief executive officer and
chief technology officer of Lightningcast.

The service is designed to deliver advertisers to
targeted audiences using profiling techniques based on geography,
demography and behavior.

The service exposes advertisers to new revenue possibilities and
audiences,” said Dave Giunta,
vice president of business development at

“Our advertisers will be able to target exactly whom
they want to direct the ad to,” he said. “Lightningcast lets us aim an
audio ad linked to a click-through banner on our site.”

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