LinkExchange Launches International Advertising Services

As part of its plan to expand its services internationally, San Francisco-
based LinkExchange added
language-based targeting to the capabilities of its advertising network.

The move allows Web site owners and marketers to refine their advertising
efforts by targeting them to language-specific sites and audiences.

Member Web sites now can build stronger brand awareness around the
globe, reach new audiences and design campaigns that are more relevant to
their customers, the company said.

“For the first time, advertisers and members can promote their brand in any
language with one simple step,” said Tony Hsieh, co-founder of LinkExchange.
“With language targeting, we are able to extend LinkExchange products
and services to the rapidly growing foreign Web market and contribute to the
growth of a global online community.”

Members of the LinkExchange network log-in to the LinkExchange control
center, mark their language of choice (or request a new one) and submit a
banner in the same language. Members can expect to be trading banners with
Web sites in the same language almost instantly, the company said.

At launch, the LinkExchange Network is servicing sites in more than 30
languages, covering more than 50 countries, and plans to add new ones

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