MapQuest Re-Design Upgrades Possibilities for Advertisers

GeoSystems Global Corp. in Phoenix unveiled a
new MapQuest interface and a series of
corresponding new advertising products for the site that claims 42 million
page views per month.

The new interface features a compass rose to guide users through the multiple
services. The site is now more clearly organized to allow visitors to choose
between maps, driving directions, trip planning, membership information and
the new MapQuest MapStore.

Advertising tools include:

  • MapBrand Buttons to give business locations and brands visibility
    when MapQuest users are exploring trip destinations. Users can view business
    locations on maps with a single click.

  • City Pair Banners, which geographically target travelers with special
    airfare promotions. Targeted banners on MapQuest Map Results pages allow users
    to access a pull-down menu to identify their origin of travel. A click of the
    banner links the traveler to a specific place on an airline site that promotes
    that particular route.

  • Print’n Go Promos, which take branded promotions beyond the banner. Not
    only is the ad viewed on-screen but it’s also printed when travelers hit the
    road with MapQuest maps and directions.

“. . . Our advertising partners benefit from new opportunities to truly promote
their brands with rifle-shot marketing,” said Mike Mulligan, GeoSystems
MapQuest president and CEO.

GeoSystems Global Corp., creator of MapQuest, is a supplier of geographic
information products and services to a broad range of companies, encompassing
the print, electronic publishing, telecom, and travel industries. Customers
include the American Automobile Association, The Automobile Association of
Britain, Avis, Best Western International, Covad, Grolier Interactive, Inc.,
Hertz, National Geographic Society, Sierra On-Line, and Thomas Cook.

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