Marketwave Ships Hit List 4.0

Marketwave Corp. in New York City delivered an upgraded real-time Web mining and traffic analysis family of solutions, Hit List 4.0, starting with the new Hit List Commerce Edition.

Marketwave also said it has lowered the price of the new version of Hit List Professional while adding more features.

Both products are now available for trial and purchase. All products in the Hit List 4.0 product line now include improved performance, more pre-defined reports, a report wizard for easier customization, a new, easier to use interface, and a new architecture for better integration in enterprise-wide Internet, Intranet and Extranet operations.

The final products will be demonstrated for the first time at the Web.X conference and trade show in New York City this week.

“The new open architecture signifies a new generation of Web mining and traffic analysis with the most advanced reporting capabilities on the market,” said Steve Podradchik, CEO of Marketwave. “Based on feedback from more than 40,000 Hit List customers we developed this architecture to support the addition of plug-ins, allowing for easy integration of Hit List with other e- commerce applications.”

Hit List Commerce 4.0 includes Marketwave’s new Point and Click DataLink, allowing the discovery of meaningful business correlations and trends by integrating and analyzing Web traffic with traditional business data.

The new Commerce edition also features much greater speed, user defined
on-the-fly calculations, QuickList X-Treme for processing large volumes of
data and DNS X-Press for performing large volumes of reverse DNS lookups in
parallel without affecting the Web server. Hit List Commerce 4.0 sells for

Hit List Professional 4.0 for advanced log analysis is now $295, down from $995. New features include a plug-in architecture, a language manager, a new report
wizard, more predefined reports and a new user interface.

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