MediaPlex Will Use Geo-Targeting Software

In a move to increase its capability to target international Web users, MediaPlex
announced Tuesday that it will integrate RealMapping‘s geo-targeting software
into its MOJO ad serving technology.

Amsterdam-based RealMapping says its two products unveiled last Friday,
RealMapping Language and RealMapping, use IP database technology to allows
Internet marketers to determine the country or area from which the Web site
visitors originate and the language they speak.

Under Tuesday’s agreement, RealMapping’s geographic data will be integrated
into Mediaplex’s MOJO ad serving platform, which integrates banner ads with
an advertiser’s back-end inventory or other databases.

The integration of the technologies, the companies say, will now enable
Mediaplex to automatically vary an advertiser’s message with content
relevant to a Web site visitor’s country of origin.

“We are very encouraged by RealMapping’s proven ability to deliver and
maintain a highly superior accuracy rate in determination of country and
language of site visitors,” said Anders Torgerson, Mediaplex’s vice
president of product management.

“As Mediaplex expands its business globally, this level of enhancement of
our geo-targeting capability becomes all the more crucial.”

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