More Transitional Ads Set to Debut

ChannelSeven’s reports that new online commercials called transitionals are set to take advantage of rich media technologies, and by late August, should begin beaming messages to users during the time it takes for a Web page to download.

Space that was essentially 20 seconds of downtime is now considered prime real
estate by brands like Mentadent and Bounty paper towels, whose new
transitionals may be viewed at

The ads, designed and managed with a tool called AdController 2.0, do not
require the viewer to load a plug-in and play across all platforms on a Web
site’s pre-existing ad management systems, the article said.

Transitionals operate by downloading data “transparently” into a user’s hard drive; users are not aware of the download as it does not interrupt the content experience. The package was conceived, designed, and is being marketed through software development company Unicast.

The text of the article is available here.

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