Narrative, InterVU in Marketing Alliance

Narrative Communications Corp.
signed a strategic reseller agreement with streaming media solution company InterVU Inc., which will resell Enliven
hosting services on its Multimedia Advertising Network.

Under the agreement, InterVU can immediately begin offering its customers,
starting with Volvo, one-stop access to measurable interactive advertising
campaigns on the Web through Enliven. More information on the Enliven Web
advertising solution can be found on Narrative’s Web site at.

“Our goal is to make it very easy for advertisers and ad agencies to deploy
and manage multimedia-rich advertisements that push the state of Internet
advertising,” said Doug Augustine, InterVU’s vice president of marketing and
sales. “We believe that our agreement with Narrative, along with our recent
alliance with MatchLogic, will allow us to do just that, while also
supporting InterVU’s mission to offer comprehensive, end-to-end advertising
solutions to its customers.”

“The ability to deliver Enliven ads over InterVU’s Multimedia Advertising
Network demonstrates a convergence in the technology that will allow us to
engage in advertising that takes our clients to the next level,” said Skip
Paynter, interactive account manager, Messner, Vetere, Berger, McNamee,

InterVU’s Multimedia Advertising Network allows advertisers to deliver
multimedia-rich messages over the Internet, without being concerned with site
clearance, file size or volume. The Network is comprised of InterVU Delivery
Centers strategically located on eight Internet backbones.

Enliven 2.0 is comprised of three components: the Enliven Client, a small
Java applet (approx. 20KB) that provides users with fast, transparent, cross-
platform access to ads; Enliven Xtra, a Macromedia Director add-in that
automatically converts Director movies into Java media streams; and Enliven
Server, a high-performance media server that streams advertisements to
thousands of users simultaneously, while providing extensive logging,
tracking and reporting capabilities.

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