Narrative’s Enliven to Support RealSystem G2

Narrative Communications Corp. said it
plans to support RealNetwork’s newly launched
RealSystem G2 streaming media system within its Enliven Services Web
advertising solutions.

G2 is a standards-based streaming media product designed to deliver multimedia
content over enterprise networks.

Narrative said the move will be enable its advertising customers to integrate
RealNetwork audio, video, text and other streaming media formats within
Enliven-based Internet ads.

For Web advertisers, the combination of Enliven’s rich media advertising
capabilities and RealNetwork’s streaming formats sets the stage for a whole
new range of promotional opportunities, the company said.

“At Narrative, our strategy is to provide customers with an easy, flexible and
cost-effective platform that readily integrates new media types, such as
RealAudio streams, into next-generation advertising applications,” said Scott
Kliger, chief technology officer of the Waltham, MA-based company.

RealSystem G2 support in Enliven Services will open the door to an interesting
range of innovative advertising opportunities on the Web, Narrative said. A
music retailer, for example, could construct an advertisement that walks users
through the entire buying process–from generating initial interest, to
sampling a new CD, to completing an actual sale all within the span of one
banner interaction.

Enliven Services is a group of modular service offerings that combine
Narrative’s rich media advertising technologies with ad delivery and reporting

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