Partners With GEO Interactive, a developer of “while
you wait” advertising products, announced a partnership deal with GEO
Interactive to use its patented Emblaze streaming audio/video technology in

Using GEO’s Emblaze technology, is now able to offer the next
generation of Net-mercials as an advertising solution using audio and video,
without the need for any plug-ins. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.
Net-mercials are interactive and can be viewed in real time from the moment a
Web site is requested with minimal delays.

Net-mercials are a Web advertising vehicle that occupies the interstitial and
intrastitial spaces that occur as a Web site or Web page loads. Each ad
maximizes the use of an Internet space and time that is frequently void of
any consumer experience.

Net-mercials currently load in under three seconds, while giving the
consumer complete control of the ad.

“GEO’s Emblaze technology allows us to offer our customers a more interactive
advertising solution through fast loading audio and video Net-mercials —
consumers don’t need to worry about waiting to load any plug-ins or add-ons,”
said’s CEO David Lamb.

Each Net-mercial is displayed inside a window with a black “TV” like frame
that draws the user’s eye to the content shown on the screen. A timer informs
the user that the ad is only temporary and will expire after a certain number
of seconds or when the Web site loads. The user can choose, through a series
of button bars on the frame to play, pause, request more information, print
or exit the ad or wait while the requested site continues to load.

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