Net Perceptions Launches App for Call Centers

Recommendation technology firm Net
Perceptions Inc.
launched Net Perceptions for Call Centers, designed to
personalize inbound and outbound
call center campaigns by providing consumers with individualized product

The application continuously builds customer profiles as each call progresses
and uses the information to prompt agents with purchase recommendations that
are unique to each customer.

Net Perceptions said it based its new call center product on the same
real-time recommendation engine used by its Internet customers.

“Armed with this individually tailored information, call center agents have a
greatly increased knowledge of customer purchase histories, preferences and
tastes,” said Steve Larsen, vice president of marketing and business
development at San Francisco-based Net Perceptions. “As a result of Net
Perceptions’ technology, call center agents can now offer highly personalized
recommendations to every customer they talk to, resulting
in far greater cross-sell success.”

The system’s recommendation engine zeroes in on individual preferences by
pooling information from current and previous calls and by drawing upon a
database of information on other customers with similar buying patterns. As
each inbound or outbound customer call proceeds, Net Perceptions for Call
Centers prompts
agents with pertinent customer information and specific purchase
recommendations for whoever is on the line.

Fingerhut, Rivertown Trading and Pink Dot already have piloted Net Perceptions
for Call Centers in their operation. Fingerhut President Will Lansing said
that “Net Perceptions for Call Centers has vast potential to personalize
for catalog shoppers.”

Net Perceptions Internet products include Net Perceptions for E-commerce 4.0
and Net Perceptions for Ad Targeting. Customers include, CDnow,
E!Online and Ticketmaster Online.

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