NetGravity Launches AdServer 3.5 With Beefed Up Targeting

NetGravity delivered
AdServer 3.5, containing a number of new features including intelligent
geographic targeting, further advanced reporting capabilities and significant
usability and performance enhancements.

AdServer 3.5 offers intelligent GeoTargeting, a new option designed to analyze and
leverage visitors’ geographic information to more precisely target
advertising and marketing campaigns. Data is supported by built-in
intelligence, enabling AdServer customers to deliver geographically targeted
messages (city, state or region) when the data passes a user-configurable
confidence level, the company said.

AdServer 3.5 provides customers with a more streamlined and intelligent
interface that closely matches workflow and business processes, offering
workload reductions of up to 75%, compared to previous versions, for key
scheduling, management and reporting tasks, the firm added.

The new version also delivers private ad performance reports for each
individual site within a network, or group of sites.

Reflecting NetGravity’s international growth, AdServer 3.5 added
internationalized reporting capability. AdServer 3.5 provides
internationalized ad performance reports, including support for double-byte
character reports and multiple international date formats.

AdServer 3.5 is scheduled for availability at the end of October with a pricing model
based on configuration and site-specific requirements.

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