NetNation in Marketing Pact With HyperBanner

Vancouver, Canada-based Web hosting company NetNation Communications Inc.
Signed a co-marketing agreement with HyperBanner, allowing HyperBanner users
to search and register domain names using Swhois, NetNation’s multilingual
domain name search engine.

In addition NetNation products will be available on HyperBanner’s main site
under the heading “Start Your Site.” Financial arrangements were not

“We are very excited about this new agreement because it adds greater value
to end users of both NetNation and HyperBanner. It expands NetNation’s
worldwide reach and gives NetNation one more competitive advantage compared
to other Web host companies. But, most of all, it will increase value and
choices for our customers,” said David Talmor CEO of NetNation.

Israel-based HyperBanner offers a banner exchange network in which a site
owner’s banner ad appears once elsewhere in the network for every two banners
served on his or her site. HyperBanner users now will have access to
NetNation’s “Swhois,” which allows
‘smart searching’. By using up to four keywords, users can search InterNic’s
database and 32 country registries to find available domain names giving
companies the opportunity to register their name or trademarks in multiple

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