NetRatings Now Reports Site Caching

NetRatings said it its online measurement
service now reports the percentage of page views that are cached.

Whenever a user hits the back button in their Web browser, the page which gets
displayed usually comes out of the cache–the storage area where pages which
have been viewed during a session are kept. That means the page is not being
served directly from the site and the site may not be able to count the hit.

For the week ending June 13, NetRatings said that top banners ranked according to unique audience were:

  1. Go simple search engine
  2. Tower Records Promotion – Win free music for a year
  3. Yahoo! In Chinese
  4. Speedlane software: speeds up your Internet connection
  5. Yahoo! VISA riddles sweepstakes
  6. Now the UK has its own Yahoo!
  7. Yahoo! There’s no Page like Home!
  8. Yahoo! Presents “I am your child” promotion
  9. The CaP Cure Home Run Challenge fundraiser by Yahoo!
  10. Catalog Link: Attention Catalog Addicts

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