New Ad Network for Small Sites Launched

Electronic Business Network (EBN) acquired Web’s Greatest Hits and formed a new subsidiary called Traffic Director, an ad banner network consisting of thousands of small sites.

“New online ad agencies are sprouting up every day” said EBN president Garland
Harris. “We are taking a unique approach by offering highly targeted banners
on small, almost unknown sites. Due to the quantity of sites we represent, we
have an enormous inventory of banner impressions available. ”

Traffic Director is offering a $60 CPM and has 10 million impressions per
currently. The new company said it already has sold 3 million impressions to
a single company. The goal is to provide better service than competitors by
taking fewer clients
and initiating a due diligence process with each client, targeting their
needs and actually creating the traffic that meets their demographical
requirements, the company said.

Electronic Business Network, along with subsidiary Traffic Director, said it
is planning to go public in June of this year. EBN’ plans to launch a shopping
area this summer.

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