New Browser Defeats Pop-Up Advertising

San Diego-based Bomis.Com delivered a new Web
browser–called the Bomis Browser–that eliminates pop-up advertisements.

The browser maintains all the Java and JavaScript capabilities of modern
browsers. The company is making it free for the download at its Web site.

“We anticipate a large public demand for this,” said Bomis co-founder Jimmy
Wales. “People absolutely hate these pop-up advertisements.”

In addition, the Bomis Browser includes a feature that will allow people to
anonymously and voluntarily choose to share their browsing history with Bomis.

“We’re going to compile the data to come up with the most extensive data on
what is popular on the Internet. We are additionally going to use the data to
refine our search engine’s capabilities to help us find good sites to include
in the Bomis index,” said Wales. is a member built Web-index, in which people register themselves for
free membership, receive a password, and then are able to build rings on
subjects of interest to them.

The site claimed 1.4 million visitors in February.

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