OnDisplay Announces CenterStage With New XML Features

OnDisplay Monday released CenterStage 3.3, its solution for rapid application integration which now features “next-generation” XML support.

CenterStage’s XML support enables companies to parse, query, transform and map XML content and messages directly into ERP applications, E-commerce applications, databases and back office systems. The tool leverages legacy, ERP and e-business applications so they can link with external partners.

CenterStage can access data at the business content layer, which includes Web pages, e-mail, legacy reports and unstructured text files, enabling capable business analysts to utilize the product without requiring the skills of a programmer.

The tool enables secure and scalable inter-enterprise trading partner integration by using industry standard protocols such as HTTP, SSL, and with this release, XML.

New XML features in CenterStage 3.3 include:

  • Parsing and Extraction – CenterStage agents parse XML documents using pattern recognition technologies
  • Querying – query an XML document, providing SQL querying capabilities directly against the content of the XML document
  • Transforming – apply any of more than 100 built-in content transformation rules on the XML content
  • Importing – provides a simple, graphical method of mapping and importing the XML data into a database
  • Publishing – creates XML documents from any of a number of electronic content formats, including HTML, ODBC data, flat files, electronic reports, Email, or APIs

With this release, CenterStage is attempting to simplify the challenges of capturing business critical content and data, aggregating and transforming the relevant content, and integrating it into other sites or applications.

CenterStage 3.3 is available now, and is priced per application server and according to the number of content source sites. The price ranges from $20,000 to $250,000. For additional information visit OnDisplay’s XML Solutions area.

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