Next Generation Network, IBM, and Otis Bring Advertising to New Heights

The Next Generation Network (NGN) and IBM are teaming with Otis Elevator to bring news, entertainment, and targeted advertising to captive audiences in elevators across the US.

As part of the agreement, Otis plans to install an IBM-designed flat panel monitor, similar to a computer screen, in some of the 1.2 million elevators the company operates. On this monitor, NGN will display Internet-based information that changes every five to ten seconds.

“NGN, the world’s largest electronic out-of-home media company, strategically places NGN E*billboards before millions of consumers every day,” said Gerard P. Joyce, chairman of NGN. “Through e*Displays, we’re bringing news and information to new heights, and elevator passengers are going to love this medium the way consumers do today.”

NGN currently has monitors located in over 5,000 coffee shops, lobby shops, convenience stores, gas pumps and transit hubs. The company estimates that it reaches 40 million consumers weekly.

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