Java Vendors Target Mobile Devices, Net Appliances

Five leading Java tools and application software vendors have launched a
cooperative initiative dedicated to providing solutions that will help
developers create Java-enabled applications for mobile devices and Internet

Bluestone Software (BLSW), Cyrus Intersoft, Espial Group, PointBase and Psion will work together to
provide a robust set of Java development and deployment tools, and mobile
computing platforms, to enable enterprises to extend their business
processes to anyone, any time, anywhere, by securely migrating applications
and data to consumer devices.

Based on the offerings available in this initiative, developers can
design, compile, debug, emulate, deploy, and manage Java applications on a
full range of devices and Internet appliances. Initiative members provide a
wide variety of tools and capabilities to support these development

  • Bluestone Software, a developer of enterprise interaction management
    software, announced complete support across its entire product line for the Java 2
    Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Its newly released Total-e-Business
    product suite also has J2EE support.

  • Cyrus InterSoft has developed an all-Java Internet operating
    system designed for Internet-based computing and operations. It is also a
    strong proponent of pervasive network computing.

  • Espial is a Java development tools and enabling technology
    provider for embedded Java-based information appliances.

  • Java database vendor PointBase markets products that enable Java
    developers to create portable, multithreaded data management solutions that
    can function autonomously on servers, clients and infrequently connected

  • Psion is a mobile digital computing and communications vendor
    that offers a broad range of Java platforms.

Although the initiative’s intent is to increase the proliferation of
enterprise Java applications for Internet appliances and devices, and to
accelerate the adoption of Java applications on mobile appliances, a
statement issued by the initiative did not indicate what initial, direct
actions will be taken.

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