NTN Network Inks Advertising Pact With Beverage Marketer

NTN Communications Inc. said that IDV North America committed to a full
advertising schedule on the NTN Network, an interactive television network
that broadcasts sports and trivia games to thousands of bars and restaurants
across North America.

IDV, which markets Smirnoff vodka, Jose Cuervo tequila, Black Velvet Canadian
whiskey and other leading brands, will reach an audited 15 million on-premise
consumers each month, NTN said. Spending was not disclosed.

Meanwhile, in the first six weeks of active selling, Beverage Industry
Marketing Services, a lad sales company retained by NTN to sell national
advertising and promotions within the beverage industry and related markets,
has delivered to NTN a total of nearly $600,000 in 1998 advertising revenue,
the company said.

IDV will air 15-second spots to promote its Black Velvet, Cuervo 1800, Cuervo
Gold, Cuervo Tradicional and Smirnoff brands. The contract also includes
sponsorship of two interactive games on the NTN Network: Countdown sponsored
by Cuervo 1800, and Playback, sponsored by Cuervo Gold.

IDV North America (formerly Heublein), a subsidiary of Diageo PLC, is an
international marketer of spirits and wines headquartered in Hartford, CT.

NTN, Based in Carlsbad, CA, broadcasts ad-backed entertainment to a variety of
delivery platforms, including America Online and the Internet, 24 hours a day,
providing multi-player sports and trivia games.

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