OgilvyOne Forms New IT Services Company

WPP Group unit OgilvyOne Worldwide established O
Technologies, an online IT services company in France, which will become part
of the OgilvyOne network.

has a 30 percent interest in the new company.

OgilvyOne said O Technologies is being created and managed by telecom
who have fully integrated the role of marketing and communication. The
start-up team of eight telecom engineers is located in the Paris office of
OgilvyInteractive and OgilvyOne.

O Technologies will provide competitive IT solutions for online programs that
are marketing and communication driven, such as: e-commerce, communication,
or business intranets and extranets.

Clients at launch include: Cofratel, Cegetel, France Telecom, IBM and LVMH,
among others.

“OgilvyInteractive guarantees the best Internet-based IT capabilities and
implementation to our clients, as well as the best marketing and
communications resources, to deliver the 3600 brand experience,” said Denis Bonnet, chairman
of OgilvyOne (France).

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