Omaha Steaks Becomes SRC Sponsor

Omaha Steaks is offering 40 percent
off steaks and six free hamburgers to netizens who help fight unsolicited
commercial e-mail by forwarding their spam messages to the Spam Recycling Center (SRC).

The SRC, sponsored by a coalition of anti-spam organizations, is a
consumer-oriented anti-spam resource that collects spam and forwards it to
the Federal Trade Commission to aid in the fight
against e-mail fraud.

Also available through the SRC are free anti-spam technologies, information
about pending anti-spam legislation, links to anti-spam organizations and
educational materials and links about the detrimental effects of spam on the
Internet as a whole.

The SRC began operation in May and is sponsored by a coalition of anti-spam
public interest groups and e-commerce organizations including, the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial
, the Forum for Responsible and Ethical
and SAFEeps.

“Spam makes netizens angry, but they feel powerless to do anything about it.
That is why we started the SRC, to give netizens a voice in the fight against
spam. But we also wanted to offer netizens something of value in return for
their effort,” said Ian Oxman, SRC co-founder and president of “That is why Omaha Steaks is the perfect retail sponsor
for the SRC. Now anyone can grab a beverage, throw a steak on the grill and
stick it to a spammer.”

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