Korean Internet Firms Look to Overseas Markets

Korea’s Internet solution providers such as 3R Soft,
Handy Soft and E-Net Corp. are turning their eyes to overseas markets.

In particular,
these companies have begun penetrating into other Asian markets as well as the North
American market.

3R Soft, the market leader, gives more emphasis on advancing into Asian market rather
than North American market. The company has recently concluded a contract with a
Japanese firm to export US$3 million worth of its web-based e-mail server software
‘MailStudio 2000.’

Also, 3R Soft has concluded a US$350,000 contract with a Thai company to export
the software, and it is now contacting two companies in China and a company in
Malaysia to sell the product, according to company officials.

“Asian market for Internet solutions is smaller than North American market or
European market, but Korean Internet solution providers are very interested in
advancing into the Asian market because they believe the region is more advantageous
to them in preoccupying the market for their products,” said an analyst.

At the same time, Korean electronic commerce solution providers, already enjoying
lion’s share of the domestic market, are preparing for the advance of their products into
North American market.

E-net Corp., which has been leading the domestic market with its EC-solution
‘Commerce 21,’ has decided to set up a subsidiary in the U.S. next month to market its
products in the region.

When E-net establish the local company in the U.S., it will leave the management to an
American to be appointed as the president of the local company in order to maximize
localization of its management in the U.S.

Company officials said that E-Net’s Commerce 21 is flexible enough to cope with the
rising traffic and enables instant correction of the solution’s core engine. And, the
product also features back office functions, such as order and user-oriented database

E-net Corporation is also scheduled to market its Commerce21 in Japan from this
coming October.

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