Channel Four’s Time Team to Have “Interactive Weekend”

The UK’s Channel Four
announced that the popular archaeological TV show “Time Team Live” will have
interactive weekend, September 3-5. Viewers will be able to influence the
making of the programme itself, say the broadcasters.

Headed by presenter Tony Robinson, six programmes from York will attempt to
unravel 2,000 years of British history over a three days period.

When the programmes are not on-air, Internet coverage will still be

The whole event will follow archaeological digs at three sites in York, one
of Britain’s
most ancient cities. Taking part in the show — which has always provided
viewing for anyone interested in the past — will be archaeologists,
historians, graphics experts and (essentially) diggers.

“It’s a huge challenge technically,” said Tony Robinson, who has proved that
a serious
TV career is still possible after playing sidekick to Rowan Atkinson in the
series “Blackadder.”

“It’s by far the largest show we have ever staged – we have a team of around
150 people,
12 cameras as well as the Interactive services team and their technical
set-up. What’s
more we are transmitting live broadcasts in a city that will be teeming with

Tony Robinson explained that the programmes would try to paint a picture of
by showing what people were like during Roman, Viking and Medieval times.

“The great appeal of Time Team is that we try to make history accessible.
The coverage ensures that viewers can keep updated on these
developments throughout the weekend.”

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