OneMediaPlace Selects AdForce for Ad Serving

What does it say when you’ve been selected to serve advertising at a site
visited by advertisers, marketers, and media companies?

In the case of AdForce LLC, it says
you’re going to be in the industry spotlight, but it’s also an indicator of
the cozy relationship between OneMediaPlace and AdForce parent
company, CMGI Inc.,
which also has a stake in the online media marketplace. OneMediaPlace,
formerly known as, also has a strategic alliance with another
CMGI advertising firm, Engage Inc.

AdForce expects to serve over 100 million ad impressions per month for
OneMediaPlace, and it will also provide campaign management and
optimization, click rate optimization, detailed reporting and specialized

“OneMediaPlace is a major player in our space, so we are pleased to provide
them with a customized ad management solution that consists of leading-edge
features and technology, which ultimately simplifies and optimizes the way
they do business,” said Chuck Berger, chief executive officer of AdForce.

While OneMediaPlace, in its incarnation, concentrated most of
its revenue-building efforts in the transaction arena, its new strategy
involves building itself up as a destination site. The company hopes to be
a place where media buyers and sellers will turn for information, research,
and community, as well as transactions. Under this new model, advertising
will assume a greater role.

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