ORB Digital Direct Launches ORBit 3.0

ORB Digital Direct delivered ORBit 3.0 (ORB
Interactive Transaction System), the latest version of its software that
combines Internet advertising and e-commerce.

The product is an end-to-end system that produces complete online transaction
advertising campaigns, including creative, media planning, central ad serving,
transaction processing, tracking and optimization, according to Andrew S.
Pakula, president and CEO.

“Marketers on the Internet need to merchandise on a real time basis–lunch-time specials, one-day sales–just like they do on TV,” Pakula added. “Until now, it was too costly to change Internet offers on the fly. But ORBit 3.0 makes it cost-effective to modify creative by time of day, day of week, or to manually override the media plan to run a last minute sell-out of overstock inventory. We can now change the offer on a banner and have it running live on hundreds of sites instantly.”

New clients using ORBit 3.0 include Publisher’s Clearinghouse, Disney,
Landmark Communications, Topps, Cyrk Marketing and Random House.

Using password protected access on the Internet, user sites can view real-time
consolidated reports on the revenue being produced by all campaigns running
on ORBit 3.0. Pricing was not disclosed.

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