Oven Digital Signed for Public Interest Law Site

Pro Bono Net signed Oven Digital to create an online
community of public interest lawyers, a project aimed at enhancing legal
services for low income individuals and communities.

Investor George Soros’s Open Society Institute is backing the project, which
is set to be launched on Oct. 1, Oven Digital said. Billings were not

“Pro Bono Net looked for an agency that understood the scope of what we are
trying to accomplish, which is building an online public interest legal
community to link thousands of lawyers around the various parts of the legal
community who provide legal services to low income individuals and
communities and for the public interest,” said Michael Hertz, Pro Bono Net director.

The site is slated to include news and events information, a listing of volunteer
opportunities, training materials, and forums allowing volunteer lawyers to
exchange information through discussion groups and e-mail lists.

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