PaceWorks Adds Software for Real Time Web Banner Production

PaceWorks Inc. in Foster City, CA said it
has added JustInTime Banners to its BannerSource server software, allowing for
rapid changes in banner ads.

With PaceWorks’ new capability, even non-designers are able to create Web
advertising at less than one-tenth the current effort, time and cost, the
company said.

The JustInTime Banners system lets anyone using a computer with browser
software modify one of the PaceWorks banner templates to create or update a
banner in two minutes or less.

According to PaceWorks CEO Phac Le Tuan, “Our research shows that advertising
banners with updated, fresh, or personalized information result in improved

The JustInTime Banners system consists of the animation server product called
BannerSource, ObjectDancer Template Edition, and a set of three banner
template kits. PaceWorks products are based on a powerful product architecture powered by an animation engine that can accommodate all types of graphics, bitmaps, or text, freely imported from industry-standard creation tools.

A unique characteristic of the animation engine is its ability to enable superior text animation automatically at the level of each individual
character, with special effects such as Time-Ripple Effect and advanced
typography animation, the company said.

Currently, the animations created by BannerSource are animated GIF files;
PaceWorks said it will support other files types as they become industry
standard. Pricing was not disclosed.

A demonstration of the JustInTime Banners system and how BannerSource can also
be used for other applications can be viewed on the Web.

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