PeoplePC Debuts Offer-Delivery Browser Add-On

PeoplePC will begin offering its affiliates the ability to market to the users of its low-cost PCs and Web access service, using a browser add-on that delivers ads and special offers.

The San Francisco-based company, which offers consumers the option of paying for IBM PCs on a monthly payment program ($29 to $39 per month, for three years) on Tuesday debuted its new ad-delivery software, PeoplePal, which works in users’ Web browsers and delivers special offers, similar to products like,, and DeltaClick’s DeltaBar.

Like those earlier products, PeoplePal is being positioned as a way for marketers to deliver offers to users at the moment it appears that they’re looking to make a related purchase, by visiting a related Web site.

The company has existing deals with a number of e-tailers and Web marketers, for whom it offers special deals and discounts to its users (such as a $100 sign-up bonus at online investing service E*Trade). But unlike and others, the PeoplePal will flash those special offers on users’ screen when they visit a related site or look for related merchandise.

Meanwhile, PeoplePC positions PeoplePal to consumers as a browser plug-in that helps them “be smarter and more efficient” as they conduct online shopping and searches. PeoplePal “ensures that members always have the best, most timely information on which to make choices” — that is, by delivering special offers from PeoplePC-affiliated merchants.

The program will be installed automatically on users’ PCs, the company said, and users would have the option of disabling the functionality.

“PeoplePal is a breakthrough application,” said PeoplePC chief marketing officer Wayne Gattinella. “It’s such a simple tool, yet of immense value to members and partners alike. It provides our clients and marketing partners the ability to reach our members with targeted information and promotions at the time when members are most receptive.”

On Tuesday, PeoplePC also launched PeoplePages, a Web page publishing tool that allows members to create their own customized Web pages — and virally communicate the member benefits of PeoplePC by inviting friends and family to view their personalized (and PeoplePC-branded) pages.

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