Polaroid, theglobe.com Build Co-branded Marketing Site

As part of its effort to reach its target market of teenagers, Polaroid Corp.
tapped community player theglobe.com
to build a co-branded microsite to promote the
company’s I-Zone Instant Pocket Camera.

Using Polaroid’s “Where Will You Stick It?” tagline, theglobe.com developed
a site located at its Happy Puppy
games site. Visitors will discover interactive lockers, and can click on a
door to find out about the I-Zone camera. The site also features a
Shockwave game and sweepstakes where users can win a camera and a PC.

“Through this innovative promotion, theglobe.com epitomized the personality
of the I-Zone camera — from the overall theme of the mini-photo stickers
to the exact demographic we wanted to capture,” said Mary Courville, senior
marketing communications manager for Polaroid.

“theglobe.com’s Happy Puppy has strong brand recognition in the youth
market and is a fun and interactive environment — complementary to the
audience and product we are trying to promote.”

This promotion with theglobe.com marks Polaroid’s online advertising debut,
according to the company.

Theglobe.com has been a poster child for troubled Internet companies, since
its stock soared upon its IPO, but has since sunk to 1 11/16. This deal is
an example of how the company is trying to reverse its fortunes, and how
marketers are increasingly turning to verticals to reach their target

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