Pop Secret Scores Highest Click-Through for the Week

The most clicked-on ad banner for the week ending Aug. 8 was Betty Crocker’s
Pop Secret ad with a 10.2 percent CTR, according to measurement firm Nielsen//NetRatings.

It marks one of the few times a traditional consumer company has captured the
highest click rate, the firm said. Other consumer companies that have scored
the No. 1 click rate have included Capital One, Jack Daniel’s and Victoria’s

The Pop Secret ad, featuring a sweepstakes for a trip to the Pop Secret
Microwave Popcorn 400 auto race, captured a 10.2% click rate. It appeared on
SuperMarkets Online’s ValuPage Web site.

Top advertisers for the week, ranked by banner impressions, were:

Advertiser Impressions in millions Reach %
1. TRUSTe 297.7 12.9
2. Microsoft 126.5 26.4
3. Amazon 81.5 25
4. uBid 41 12.4
5. CDNOW 39.2 15.7
6. Ad Council 35.7 7.8
7. America Online 33.9 15.1
8. Yahoo! 33.7 17
9. Wingspan Bank 29.5 15.1
10. About.com 26.1 9.8

Impressions reported include house ads.

Top Banners, ranked according to reach percent, were:

  1. TreeLoot — Catch The Monkey and Win $20!
  2. Uproar — Where does Homer Simpson Work? Bar, Bank,
    Nuclear Plant, Sewer

  3. Bonzi Software — Speed Up Internet Connection
  4. GetSmart — Find: A Loan for Me. Refinancing, Second
    Mortgage, Debt Consolidation

  5. About.com — User survey about gun control. Should all
    guns be outlawed? Yes, No

  6. Ad Council — If You’re Not Recycling, You’re Throwing It
    All Away!

  7. Fast Company/EZVenture — Entrepreneur Seeking Venture
    Capital? $99,000 Enough?

  8. Fast Company/EZVenture — Win $99,000 from Yahoo! Click Here!
  9. Fast Company/ EZVenture — Win $99,000 from Yahoo! Click

  10. The Elephant’s Trunk Costume Shop — Costuming the World Online. Click Here.

Ad banners that run predominantly on an advertiser’s own property or house
ads are not included in the above figures. The Nielsen//NetRatings audience
information service collects data from approximately 15,000 panelists as they
surf the Web at home.

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