Searchbutton.Com Announces Web Search & Reporting Solution Monday released its new intelligent Web site search hosting and reporting solution.

Searchbutton adds search capability to any Web site without costly hardware, software or IT support. By using the Searchbutton service, site visitors have instant access to the information they want. Additionally, the company announced distribution partnerships with Hewlett-Packard, NaviSite, Encanto Networks, HandsNet and Constructors. provides a scalable “search and real-time reporting” solution for any public Web site. The search engine provides basic and advanced search capabilities, including relevancy-ranking, advanced summarization, and customizable results. The reports generated by Searchbutton provide site administrators with information and statistics on who has searched their site, what they were searching for, what they found, and what they weren’t able to find.

Site owners can sign up for the service in less than five minutes. When the registration form is completed, Searchbutton indexes or inventories the entire contents of the site, begins tracking searches and within hours, makes the first reports available to the site owner.

Searchbutton features three services designed to meet the needs of small, medium and large Web sites:

  • Searchbutton Personal = Free and low-cost services for individuals and personal sites with fewer than 1,000 pages. This free service includes ad banners at the top of the results page.
  • Searchbutton Professional – Advertisement free full search and reporting services for sites with up to 2,500 pages. Small and medium-sized businesses pay a yearly fee of between $299-599 depending on the number of pages on the site.
  • Searchbutton Corporate – Advanced search, reporting and site management services for corporations and larger organizations.

All of the Searchbutton services provide search and reporting features, including indexing on demand, site monitoring summaries, results formatting, Web and e-mail support, in addition to an integrated and customizable look and feel.

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