PrivaSeek Launches Its 1.0 Beta

Louisville, CO-based PrivaSeek Inc. launched the beta version
of its information control solution that allows consumers “to protect,
control and gain value from their personal information online.”

The beta version includes PrivaSeek Persona, PrivaSeek Vault and PrivaSeek

PrivaSeek describes itself as a “consumer-driven information intermediary, or
“infomediary,” that benefits a consumer by giving them control over when,
how and who uses their data. PrivaSeek’s software “helps consumers control
global marketer’s use of their personal data,” while providing timesaving
form filling functions and value-added brokerage services for negotiating
discounts with marketers.

PrivaSeek Persona is a consumer-provided profile; PrivaSeek Valet is a
personal information assistant and PrivaSeek Vault is a secure online safety
deposit box for
storing personal profiles and privacy settings.

First a consumer creates his or her PrivaSeek Persona by entering personal
information into a secure online form and setting privacy preferences to
determine what information to share and with whom. Second, the consumer’s
Persona is deposited in their
secure PrivaSeek Vault. Third, the consumer downloads PrivaSeek Valet, a
control tool for the desktop.

PrivaSeek Valet automatically enters personal information such as, address,
credit card numbers and shipping information onto electronic forms for
e-commerce transactions, subscription requests and registration information.

“PrivaSeek empowers consumers with the necessary tools to control and protect
their information, shifting the value gained from personal information away
from the marketer to the consumer,” said Larry Lozon, CEO and founder of
PrivaSeek. “We not only are the first to market, but also the first to flip
the marketing equation upside down and put consumers in the drivers seat–
they can chose if they want to share their information with many businesses,
specific businesses or no one at all.”

PrivaSeek said it works with businesses to negotiate discounts for consumers
who allow their personal information to be accessed.

PrivaSeek is a start-up company that has received $14 million in equity
from TL Ventures, Sequel Venture Partners, and Internet Capital Group.

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