Public Relations and the Web–an Oxymoron?

There’s an interesting piece at by Len Stein, president of Visibility Public Relations, entitled “Is PR Having Trouble
Finding the Web?”

“Is PR in the slow lane when it comes to the Internet?. . . The status and role
of PR on the Web may not be one of the hot emerging issues in cyberspace
communications, but something is not happening here,” he writes.

He quotes Michael Tchong’s Iconocast as saying that “while the advertising
world has invested hundreds of millions in the Internet ad business, its
closest sibling, the public relations industry seems caught in the slow lane.”

What’s a practitioner to do? Stein offers a variety of tips, available here. And while we’re at it,
we have one of our own. Please, PR folks, include the full URL of every Web
site mentioned in your release. It’s amazing how many firms don’t, and
searching for addresses, particularly for brand new sites, can be rather time-

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