Quarterdeck and Juno Establish Marketing Alliance

Quarterdeck Corp.,
a provider of PC helpware solutions, and ad-backed free e-mail company Juno Online Services, signed an agreement to
promote and market Quarterdeck’s products over the Juno service.

Juno claims 4.7 million members, and says it is the second-largest online
service in the United States, after America Online.

Juno members can access information about Quarterdeck’s new product releases
and upgrades through Juno’s marketing channels. And Quarterdeck will
communicate with Juno members through banner advertisements appearing at the
top of Juno’s main interface as subscribers send or receive e-mail, and full-
screen “pop-up” advertisements that appear at the start of a member’s session.

By clicking on an ad, members will be able to enter a Quarterdeck store where
they can purchase Quarterdeck PC helpware directly.

The campaign, which began last week, will feature REALHELP, CleanSweep and
Partition-It products.

“With an increasing number of people using e-mail on a daily basis, we
felt that this was a perfect opportunity to provide valuable information
about our PC helpware products,” said Joseph Fusco, senior vice president
of sales and marketing at Quarterdeck.

“This alliance is a great example of how Juno’s targeted-advertising
medium, which will allow Quarterdeck to advertise each product to those
Juno members likeliest to need it, is able to bring companies and consumers
closer together,” said Charles Ardai, Juno’s president.

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