RadicalMail Launches Streaming Multimedia E-Mail

Marina Del Ray, CA-based Internet advertising firm StreamMedia launched RadicalMail, a streaming e-mail product
that allows recipients to open e-mails full of voice, music, sound effects and
video, absent any type of plug in.

The app also offers e-commerce and audience tracking capabilities, the company
said, and was created “in response to ever growing audience expectations for
rich streaming media, and can finally answer advertising’s biggest question:
Is our advertising working?”

Through the use of ‘opt-in’ e-mail lists, advertisers can be assured that
their message is getting to audiences who have already shown interest in that
advertising, the company said. Recipients will be able to buy a product or
order more information from within the e-mail itself, the company said.

RadicalMail also features real-time tracking capabilities, enabling companies
to determine exactly if and when audiences saw the e-mail/advertisement,
whether they bought a product or ordered more information, if they forwarded
the e-mail/advertisement to others and what they did with it, if the audience
invited others to
join the ‘opt-in’ list, and so on.

“There’s an end-to-end e-commerce solution built in. If you’re selling CDs, right in there is going
to be a form that goes into a fulfillment center,” Paul Bruemmer, spokesman for the company, told Reuters. “It has a complete backend
tracking system. It’s the power of television branding and direct response
wrapped in one package.”

Currently RadicalMail can be viewed only via Microsoft’s Outlook Express and

“Apparently, HTML e-mail software hasn’t quite caught up with the
ability to read it. We feel that we’re a little bit ahead of the curve. It’s
almost bleeding edge as opposed to cutting edge,” Breummer said. Demos are
available on the site.

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